Appliance Repair in Macomb and Oakland County MI

Working appliances are important in homes, and a reputable appliance repair company can help you keep appliances running for years to come. When you run into problems with the appliances in your home, call the experienced team at Mr Fix It Appliance Repair for help.

You don't have to allow your appliances to gather dust and cost you money. We'll do what we can to give you the service you need at a competitive price. If you contact our company, you will encounter many benefits:

  • Convenient weekday hours
  • Sunday hours by appointment
  • A locally owned and operated company
  • Attentive and professional workers

Give Mr Fix It Appliance Repair a call to ask us about our various services. We're open Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm. Saturday hours vary just give Mr Fix It Appliance Repair a call . When it comes to Mr Fix It Appliance Repair, we want to be at the top of your contact list.